28 Aug 2015 11:55


A SharePoint user must be pre-approved by the SharePoint admin to access Signeringsporten. This pre-approval would map the SharePoint user as an Enterprise User account inside Signeringsporten. However, only a certain number of SharePoint users can be approved, as limited by the subscribed service plan of Signeringsporten.

The "Manage user access to SigningHub" section is used to allow the SharePoint users to access the Signeringsporten enterprise account. In this regard, the Active Directory users of SharePoint can also be added. If the user being added is already registered in Signeringsporten, it will be activated, otherwise an invitation email will be sent to the user to create a Signeringsporten account. 
In case of removing any user from the list, SharePoint would locally mark this activity, and will display an error message if that (removed) user tries to access Signeringsporten in future. 

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